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Located in the Trieste region, Gnowee is an important leader in the towns of Villaggio Del Pescatore and Portopiccolo, known for offering boats for sale and rent. 
We promise sea lovers an unforgettable experience. Take one of our boats and throw yourself head first into the vast blue waters of the Adriatic Sea. Located in the splendid setting of the Gulf of Trieste and the Grado Lagoon, our family business is committed to satisfying customer needs with professionalism and passion.
Let the sea breeze caress you and the sun's rays warm you while you cruise along the beautiful Gulf of Trieste.

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Requirements for Hiring Boats

We rent boats to customers of all ages, both experienced sailors as well as rookies. Our competent professionals will provide precise and detailed explanations for operating the boat you hire, so that you can enjoy a wonderful sailing experience.
We await you at Villaggio del Pescatore and Portopiccolo.
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Rental for Professionals and Beginners

For those of you with no previous experience with boats, our qualified staff will give you a quick lesson lasting about ten minutes on the sea, explaining the main navigation and mooring maneuvers needed so that you can have a worry-free, safe experience.
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Our Service

The services offered by Gnowee are curated to the smallest detail and are carried out in total safety thanks to a team of very experienced and knowledgeable collaborators.
Rediscover the beauty of the sea with one of our boats and immerse yourself in the colours, sounds and scents that only the deep blue sea can provide.
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Do you love the sea and sailing?
Book a boat for an unforgettable day.
Departures take place from Villaggio Del Pescatore and Portopiccolo in Trieste.
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Call us at +39 34774574168 or +39 3474827461.
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